Selective Filmography:

China’s 3Dreams – documentary feature 2002-2014

Liberal Rule: The Politics that Changed Australia series 2007-2009

The Men Who Would Conquer China – documentary feature 2000-2004

Vis à vis: Techno Tribal 2001

To Get Rich Is Glorious 1998

The Queenslander: Tales from the tropical north 1996

The Ghan: A spiritual connection 1995

Me Depressed? Don’t make me laugh! With Spike Milligan 1993

Under Pressure 1992

International Cinematographers series 1991

Sacha Vierny & Allen Daviau

Robbie Muller & Peter James

Allen Daviau & Denis Lenoir

Denis Lenoir & Sacha Vierny

1990 Is the Lawyer Listening? (legal drama)

1989 Life After Debt

1989 Watershed

1988 Australia Daze feature documentary

1987 The Tank Stream: a history

1987 Sailors:

1986 Darling River Kids

1985 Tsau Gwei! Running From the Ghost

1985 More Than a Game Documentary feature

1984 The Hurdle

1984 You Promised Me Gold

1984 Marathon

1983 Bertland

1983 We Both Want To Win

1982 No Complaints As Such

1982 En Equilibre : The Balance

1982 Angella and Angela

1982 All That Glitters… Documentary feature 112 minutes

1978 Minh- a Vietnamese

1977 Arafura to Alice

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