Jane St Vincent Welch ASE

jane cu

Jane has worked for over 25 years as a film and video editor.

‘From the days of super 8, 16 and 35mm film winding through a steenbeck to the early developments of innovative tape to tape editing. The more you worked on a scene the more blurry it became, terrific. Till thankfully the digital age arrived with interesting names like CMX, FAST, Lightworks, Media 100, AVID and Final Cut Pro.

But its telling stories that has made me persist and overcome technology: so I could concentrate on finding the best way to use the rushes to communicate that story or idea, from selling wine, to discovering Shakespeare, to understanding indigenous performers or chinese business men or discovering why Indonesia’s forests are burning and why the world is sliding into irreversible climate change. Phew! I have learnt so much!’

Jane has worked extensively on documentaries, winning many international and Australian film awards, her films have been seen all over the world at festivals and on television sets from New York, Amsterdam to Kiama. She is also no stranger to format television series  whether it’s about hip hop, firemen, water police, the women of Papua New Guinea or a scotsman wandering the coastline of Australia. Jane always endeavours to make sure each program is the best it can be.

In 2015 with a group of friends she published her first novel, ‘The painted Sky’ by Alice Campion.      https://youtu.be/mrdUS1tkjZ0